About Us

Since 1999, the Grants Pass Community Nativity Festival, previously known as the GP Creche Festival, has offered Nativity displays from around the world, provided by local owners who have collected these Nativity sets and represent different cultures. Each year, our attendance increases, in turn, our number of nativity displays have increased, providing hundreds of nativity sets from around the world.

Additionally, the Grants Pass Community Nativity Festival has enjoyed local musicians from different churches, schools or other community groups. They all provide amazing performances of Christmas related material.

The Grants Pass Community Nativity Festival is only for a couple of days each year. The planning for this event starts in September and a small army of volunteers help with the registration, decoration, set-up/take-down, security, and much more. The Community Nativity Festival can always use another helping hand, please contact us if you are willing to volunteer to help this event continue to be a success.

The GP Community Nativity Festival is hosted by:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints