What can I expect to experience at the Grants Pass Community Nativity Festival?

Volunteers will greet you as you enter to begin your walk through hundreds of Nativity scenes that are provided by community members. The Nativity scenes are displayed in a warmly lit culural hall (aka: a gym) and as you admire the different Nativity scenes, you will enjoy listening to the music. You will feel the Spirit of Christmas and your heart will be full.

How much does it cost to attend?

Please remember that this is a free event, and no donations are accepted.

Can I bring children?

Yes! Please bring your children! This is a family friendly event.

Is it okay to bring a group to view the Nativities?

Yes! We always welcome all community members, church groups, school groups, clubs, families and friends. Due to COVID-19, we encourage you to bring larger groups during our Saturday hours, 10AM-1PM.

Do I need a reservation or a ticket to attend?

No reservations or tickets are required. Admission is always free and no donations are accepted.

How do you get so many Nativity sets to display?

Members throughout the community provide the Nativities to display. Each Nativity is registered and returned to the owner after the event.

How can I display my Nativity set?

If you'd like to display a nativity in our exhibit, please begin by registering online. You will receive a confirmation email instructing you to bring it to 1969 Williams Hwy, Grants Pass, OR on Thursday, December 3rd from 3-6PM. A member of our Registration committee will meet you and direct you as needed. You will set up your own Nativity set(s), and then come to take it down the afternoon of Saturday, December 5th @ 1:30PM. If you have any questions, please call our Registration Committee Chair, Tami Potts, 541-226-7480.

How can I get involved?

Contact us via email at gpcommunitynativityfestival@gmail.com or register online. The entire festival is volunteer based; from our greeters and decorators, all the way through, of course, the most important, the nativity scenes. We encourage all to be involved in any way possible.